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The Power of the Plant — A Look at Hemp Genetics

If you follow along with us on Facebook, you may know that Shi Farms’ Steven Turetsky recently returned from a trip to CannaTech in Cape Town, South Africa. During his time at CannaTech, Steven gave a presentation on hemp genetics. There was quite a bit of useful information given, and that’s why in today’s post…

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Shi Farms Featured on Hemp Industry Daily

If you’ve been following along with the team at Shi Farms on Facebook or Instagram, you probably know that we love attending events that allow us to share our knowledge of the industry and continue to learn what others are doing. That’s why we recently attended the Hemp Forum at MJBizCon. It was such a…

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Shi Farms in Attendance at CannaTech in South Africa

Managing Director of Shi Farms Steven Turetsky recently returned from a trip to South Africa for this year’s CannaTech. An “international event experience that unites cannabis professionals with breakout industry leaders for an unparalleled opportunity to learn, connect and define what’s next for the global cannabis industry,” CannaTech is always a joy to attend. This…

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We Want to Transform the Face of American Agriculture

At Shi Farms, we’re passionate about thoughtfully cultivating the hemp industry in a way that makes sense for the future. We’re always looking forward and it’s our goal to revolutionize the way we use plants and promote sustainability all across the world. That’s why we’re starting right here. We started with one farm and now…

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Shi Farms to Be Featured in Upcoming PBS Documentary About Hemp

The team at Shi Farms is pleased to announce that we’re being highlighted in an upcoming episode of “Information Matrix with Lawrence Fishburne” that’s being made by the folks over at PBS. We’re looking forward to being able to let the world know all about what’s going on down in the Arkansas River Valley. We…

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Hemp’s Global Impact

image of a hemp field

As the hemp industry and CBD industry grows, we’re excited to see how hemp can cross over to other industries beyond CBD products. Our current focus is primarily on CBD isolate and other wholesale CBD products, but as a hemp farm, we can’t wait to see how other wholesale hemp products change other industries. That’s…

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Crop Insurance for Hemp Farmers

Did you know that, until hemp and CBD products were legalized by the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp farmers were unable to get federal crop insurance?  The previous ban made it harder for farmers to grow hemp crops since there was a level of risk attached to growing and selling hemp and CBD products. But at…

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Shi Farms Partners With Canbiola Inc.

image of hemp plants in a sunny greenhouse

Shi Farms is in the news again with an article up at Market Watch! Due to our expanding operations through our farm co-op program, we have been able to partner with Canbiola in New York to help vertically integrate their operations. With its 2018 test pilot crop, our New York Shi Farm proved that it…

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Regulating CBD and Hemp Products

In our previous post about the availability of crop insurance, we talked about the impact made by the declassification of hemp and CBD crops. But now, with the boom of the hemp and CBD industry, the regulations need to be updated to reflect the recent declassification and the increasing popularity of hemp and CBD products. …

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