The Future of Hemp and Our Sustainable Hemp Initiative

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In a recent podcast, Steven Turesky of Shi Farms sat down with Joe Sheehey from The Cured Collective to discuss our Sustainability Hemp Initiative along with the hemp industry as a whole, from cultivation to sourcing and our top-quality CBD ingredients. In fact, Shi Farms is excited to be the main supplier of CBD and hemp products for The Cured Collective.  

In the podcast, posted on their website, we talk about sustainability within the hemp industry and the role Shi Farms is playing in  pushing for green and sustainable business practices. See what Turesky had to say about the future potential of the hemp and CBD industry, both in relation to sustainability and the increasing awareness around the therapeutic benefits of CBD and hemp. 

Our hemp shop at Shi Farms is committed to providing top-quality hemp and CBD products, in addition to pushing for sustainability within the hemp industry. From cultivation and farming to business practices of small and big businesses, it’s important to be conscientious in every step of the process. Through that awareness, we can create transparent, high-quality ingredients for our consumers. 

The Cured Collective 

As was mentioned in the podcast, Shi Farms is now the main supplier of hemp and CBD products for The Cured Collective. This is such a valuable partnership for us as The Cured Collective works to foster a community around the holistic ability of hemp and CBD products. As they explain on their website, “Together, we’re a collective of heart-centered human beings who are inviting you – the conscious creatives, dreamers, and healers – to join our family.” 

At Shi Farms, which stands for Sustainable Hemp Initiative, we want to work as stewards of positive, transparent, and sustainable practices for the entire hemp and CBD initiative. By working with other local organizations like The Cured Collective, we can continue to impact the hemp industry and promote the importance of top-quality CBD ingredients and green thinking. 

The Hemp Industry and Sustainability  

Right now, Turesky sees great potential in the future of the hemp and CBD industry. 

Certain milestones, like the ability to have CBD become a nationwide industry, has created opportunities for different businesses to grow. In fact, Turesky shared his experience interning with a CBD company called Dixie and traveling around the country as they launched their CBD brads. He saw the success of Dixie on their CBD side, especially with this world-market availability. 

From there, Turesky was given the opportunity of some land in Pueblo, Colorado, and from there, Shi Farms was born. But what was the secret to creating a successful business like Shi Farms? It comes back to our entire mission as a company. 

As Turesky puts it, “If you just run a real business with high integrity and your customer places an order and you have product to deliver, that’s enough, which is nuts. You don’t have to do anything special.” 

Right now — especially with the ever-growing market of CBD products widely available in grocery stores, smoke shops, gas stations, and small hemp shops — customers just want transparency. They want to know that they’re getting a high-quality product from a company with integrity and positive business practices. 

Ultimately, providing top-quality hemp is not rocket science. But it’s also not just about making green initiatives as a company. What it comes down to is being a business with well-rounded sustainable practices in addition to cultivating the best hemp and CBD products and ingredients. 

As Turesky explains, Shi Farms — and other companies like The Cured Collective — are just “attempting to find the sweet spot between the craft cultivation needs of High-CBD Hemp and commercial agriculture type scale necessary to produce large quantities of CBD ingredients.” 

The Hemp Shop at Shi Farms

The way to help the hemp and CBD industry flourish is by building a strong reputation and long-term relationships with others in the industry along with your customers. 

That’s the approach that Shi Farms will continue to take through our hemp shop. From our CBD ingredients to our sustainable business practices as hemp manufacturers, we’ve created a CBD farm and hemp shop committed to our customers.  

Our sustainable impact expands beyond our business practices. We are also working on other initiatives, like our zero waste initiative that wants to use hemp stalks to create  crop fertilizer. The list goes on from there when you consider the potential of the hemp plant, something we discuss in depth in a different blog post. You can hear our whole podcast from The Cured Collective to get the whole story from Turesky

Shi Farms

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