Shi Farms and Legalized Hemp

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The passage of the 2018 Farm Bill made a wave of progress in the world of hemp and CBD farming. Now that industrial hemp is lawful nationwide as an agricultural commodity, there are limitless opportunities available for the hemp and CBD industry. 

Shi Farms is proud to be part of that progress, and has been mentioned in a number of recent legal hemp information for our foothold as a CBD ingredient supplier of CBD and hemp. Learn more about how the legalization of hemp is influencing both Shi Farms and the hemp industry as a whole. 

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Legalization of Hemp Products

When it comes to the regulation of crops, the average consumer might not know much about the different laws and rules surrounding the hemp industry. But the legalization of hemp products has opened up an entire aspect of farming that is a big deal for farmers: the growing and selling of hemp products. 

In general, hemp is a hardy crop that farmers can grow in most soil types while using less pesticides and fertilizers. In addition, hemp plants absorb high amounts of carbon from their germination to their harvest, making them a large producer of oxygen. 

All of these benefits — coupled with the crop’s recent legalization — have made hemp something that many farmers can capitalize on. To look at some benefits referenced by Green Entrepreneur in a recent article about legal hemp, the legalization of hemp products now allows for: 

  • CBD and hemp products to be sold as wellness products 
  • The processing and manufacturing of hemp legally 
  • The legal research and use of CBD for health benefits and more
  • Hemp and CBD farming to become a futile trade 
  • The use of hemp as a bioplastic that uses renewable sources to get carbon instead of fossil-fuel-based carbon

Ultimately, the 2018 Farm Bill has created waves for farmers that were already involved in the hemp industry or farmers who see the potential of investing in hemp crops. 

Shi Farms and Wholesale CBD Products

At Shi Farms, we’ve talked about our position as a single-source supplier of hemp and CBD products with a commitment towards sustainability. In fact, Green Entrepreneur used our CBD-hemp farm as an example of how the 2018 Farm Bill will impact the CBD industry.   

As our managing director Drew Ferguson explained about the CBD industry, “we’re pioneers again, trying to grow cannabis like you’d grow corn.” This may come with its own set of challenges, we already know some of the powerful impacts of CBD to treat different medical conditions, including: 

  • Reducing inflammation
  • Providing antibacterial and antimicrobial properties to prevent infection
  • The ability to treat mood disorders 
  • Impacting anxiety and depression
  • Relief from chronic pain and other physical injuries 
  • Improvement of pain associated with arthritis and joint problems 

The list of CBD and treatment options goes on and on with more research constantly conducted into how CBD and cannabinoids interact with the endocannabinoid system in our bodies.

While hemp and CBD have just been legalized, there is still a lot of misinformation surrounding the product and the possible applications of CBD. That’s why, as an ingredient supplier of hemp and CBD, we’ve made it our duty to provide transparency and reliability around CBD. 

As with other products, medications or otherwise, it’s important to know where your product comes from and how it’s made. That’s why Shi Farms has worked hard to provide that through our top-quality hemp and CBD ingredients. Just in 2018, Shi Farms — along with our cooperative farms — planted over 225 acres of high-CBD hemp at our New York and Colorado farms. With the legalization of hemp, we know that we will continue to grow our acreage and the scope of our impact. 

More about what the legalization of hemp means for the hemp and CBD industry was recently discussed in an article from Green Entrepreneur. As we mentioned earlier, they also delved into our own contribution to the CBD industry as a CBD and hemp supplier. You can learn more about the 2018 farm bill, the legalization of hemp, and the hemp industry in their article. 

Hemp Wholesale Products from Shi Farms 

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