Shi Farms Partners With Canbiola Inc.

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Shi Farms is in the news again with an article up at Market Watch! Due to our expanding operations through our farm co-op program, we have been able to partner with Canbiola in New York to help vertically integrate their operations. With its 2018 test pilot crop, our New York Shi Farm proved that it could cultivate high-quality hemp products in the new climate and soil types of the Hudson Valley. We knew that expanding Shi Farms to New York was a big opportunity for our business and for CBD supply chains nationwide, and we’re proud to enter into this partnership with Canbiola with our New York Shi Farm. 

With this partnership, Canbiola will be able to acquire isolate from Shi Farm at the cost of processing the isolate from biomass. The product will still be processed here in Colorado, at  Mile High Labs to ensure that we are able to keep the standards of our hemp wholesale product high. This partnership allows us to expand our operation with a committed partner, giving us the opportunity to distribute our CBD isolate to a larger consumer base. Canbiola will use our THC-Free CBD Isolate to create their products, which include oils, gels, chews, and capsules. 

We are proud to partner with Canbiola because they share our environmental values. All of their products are organic and non-GMO, formulated with the highest-manufacturing standards. Continue reading to learn more about our partnership with Canbiola, Inc. and contact us today to buy your hemp wholesale products directly from our farm. 

Canbiola, Inc.

Canbiola, Inc. specializes in the manufacturing, formulation, and sale of THC-Free CBD Isolate products, such as oils, drops, gels, creams, moisturizers, chews, and capsules. Their customers include a range of pharmaceutical companies, naturopathic clinics, nutritional supplement distributors, and more. They are one of the largest and most trusted providers of all-natural, pure CBD isolate compounds. 

Caniola strives to be the premier provider of high-quality, natural hemp products on the market. And we have chosen to work with them because we believe that they will help us continue to grow our operations. If you browse their website, you can find both wholesale products and products for individual consumers. Products include oils as well as skin and joint products.

NY Hemp Depot Facility for Hemp Processing

NY Hemp Depot Facility is a new, wholly-owned subsidiary of Canbiola and though our partnership with Canbiola, we will expand our New York state cultivating license to include the NY Hemp Depot. We will also allow Canbiola to use our services to recruit hemp farmers within the state. Through the partnership, we will also sell our feminized hemp seeds and/or clone plants to farmers in New York.

Shi Farms Co-operative Program

We created our co-op program to help farmers across the country cultivate hemp. It has also allowed us to expand our operations outside of Colorado to other states, including New York — where we formed our partnership with Canbiola. Shi Farms New York was started in 2018 as a a two-acre farm in Orange County, New York. We were eager to see how our hemp plants would grow differently in NY than they do in CO. The test crop has proved successful, and that success has led to this partnership with Canbiola. We hope to continue our growth in NY, including our co-op program. 

If you’re interested in starting a hemp farm, consider joining our co-operative program. We will help guide you every step of the way — from preparation to harvest. We’ve made a lot of mistakes along the way to reaching our current production levels, and we’d like to share what we’ve learned from those mistakes with you! Reach out to us to learn more about how you can start your own hemp farm with our co-op program. 

Shi Farms Hemp Wholesale Products

Our 300-acre hemp farm is located in Pueblo, Colorado. We are a licensed Hemp Cultivation Operation under the Colorado Department of Agriculture and we are proud to provide our partners with high-quality, pesticide-free, hemp-derived Cannabidiol, or CBD. We value sustainability, not only in our cultivation practices, but also in providing stable agricultural jobs to our Pueblo community. We currently have an out-of-state co-op in New York and we plan to continue scaling our farms along the east coast. Join us in setting the standard for hemp products. Contact us today and buy your hemp wholesale products from a farm you can trust. 

You can also learn more about this joint venture between Shi Farms and Canbiola in an OTC Markets press release about our letter of intent that created our joint venture.

Shi Farms

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