Genetics and Our Hemp Farm

When you purchase our genetics, you get the Shi experience.

About Shi Farms

At Shi Farms, we hold our mom and pop philosophy on a commercial scale. This means that we focus on the craft cultivation needs of high-CBD hemp while farming and continually growing at a rate necessary to stay competitive with the demands of the market.

If you are considering purchasing clones, feminized seeds, or full-grown mothers, we’d love to lend a helping hand! Our team can guide you through the entire cultivation process, ensuring that you have a solid idea of what you’ll need to do to cultivate a high-yielding crop. Learn more about what you can expect when you work with Shi Farms by filling out the form below or give us a call!

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The Genetics of our Products

At our Shi Farms hemp farm, we sell trusted normal everyday strains in addition to our own proprietary strains. All plants are grown and bred in-house, which means that our hemp farm outsources nothing!

To see the genetics of the high-CBD hemp we grow at our hemp farm in Pueblo, we invite you to come look at the plants. Call Shi Farms to schedule a tour today and see for yourself.


Feminized Seeds

Feminized high-CBD hemp seeds are bred so that, when planted, they only produce female plants. This is because the female hemp plants are the plants that produce hemp buds — or hemp flower. This hemp flower is what contains the CBD most producers are looking for. When you use feminized seeds at your hemp farm, you can ensure that you’re getting the most from your effort and cultivation work. 


The clones we have at our hemp farm are, essentially, a copy of a parent plant. When this clone is replanted, it can sprout roots of its own. At Shi Farms, we offer high-quality and high-CBD hemp clones so you can start your own hemp farm.


Full-Grown Mothers

Unlike our hemp clones, our hemp farm also provides full-grown mothers. But what’s important about mother plants? Starting a farm with a hemp mother plant helps you guarantee consistency when it comes to your yield. These full-grown mother plants are raised to be the providers of smaller hemp clones. This means that your hemp farm can keep providing the same high-CBD and top-quality hemp product that consumers want.

Hemp Flower

Our high-CBD hemp flower that can be sold or used to make other CBD products. Our flower is grown using our green and sustainable practices to provide you with a top-quality CBD hemp flower.

You can learn more about the other ingredients we create at our hemp farm on our wholesale CBD ingredients page.


Work With Hemp Industry Veterans

At Shi Farms, we are here to help you when it comes to hemp clones, feminized seeds, full-grown mother plants, and more! This means that we will handhold through the entire process and you get the exclusive opportunity to opt into the Shi Cultivar Research Program.

The Shi Cultivar Research Program is focused on developing strain-specific profiles. This will help inform our partnering farmers on the best genetics to select, growing methods to use, and optimal harvest times based on the region of their farm. Participation in the program is optional but will vastly increase your farms knowledge of the strains selected from Shi Farms.

Contact us to learn more about the Shi Cultivar Research Program, or to learn more about the genetics of the hemp used at our hemp far.

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