New York

Announcing Shi Farms - New York

Shi Farms is proud to announce it's expansion to The Empire State for the 2018 Season.

It's been our dream since jumping head first into hemp to take our sustainable farming and business philosophies across the country. When we heard New York was expanding their hemp program for its second season, we knew the Big Apple would be a big opportunity to continue building the Shi Hemp and CBD supply chain nationwide.

2018 Plans

Sustainability has as much to do with how we farm as how we operate our business. In order to cultivate sustainable growth we've decided to begin with a pilot-scale crop in 2018, just like we did in Colorado last season.

In the next few weeks we'll be planting 2 acres in Orange County, New York to test the viability of different cultivars in the new climate and soil types of the Hudson Valley. We hope our test crops this year will provide valuable insight on Hemp's viability in New York and how best to cultivate Hemp in future years.


Working with other New York farms and the NY Department of Agriculture, we hope to publish some of our findings.

Comparative Analysis of Climate and Soil Tolerance

- One would guess that plants would react differently when grown in arid-desert like climate compared to humid continental climate. So we'll be eager to see how our babies prevail in Pueblo vs. OC, NY. We'll be monitoring cannabinoid levels, growth patterns and plant dimensions throughout the season to understand climate affects on the Hemp plant.


-Our arch nemesis. It's a never-ending battle with pests in the farming world. In Colorado, we battle grasshoppers, caterpillars, aphids and spider mites. Will we see the same types of nuisance in New York?


We love helping fellow farmers or prospective businesses cut their teeth in Hemp. If you need assistance with planting, harvesting, pre-processing, extraction, sustainability, sourcing CBD or maybe you just want to vent about 100,000kg unicorn isolate deals 🙂 , please email our Shi NY Team.

The state is also offering some really cool grants -

Industry Building

Consistent with our mission here in Colorado we hope to build a strong community of hemp cultivators, extractors and manufacturers in New York. If you're interested in networking with the Shi Family on the East Coast, contact us here and write 'East Coast Hemp' in the subject line!


To learn more about New York's Hemp Pilot Program, visit