Shi Farms to Be Featured in Upcoming PBS Documentary About Hemp

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The team at Shi Farms is pleased to announce that we’re being highlighted in an upcoming episode of “Information Matrix with Lawrence Fishburne” that’s being made by the folks over at PBS. We’re looking forward to being able to let the world know all about what’s going on down in the Arkansas River Valley. We believe in what we’re doing and we’re very thankful for the opportunity to educate the masses with PBS.

We consider ourselves stewards of this plant and this rapidly growing industry. This is the mission that we’ve had since the beginning, and it’s one we’ll be pushing forward with. Our hope is that this documentary allows us to educate both the public on how hemp is revitalizing American Agriculture, providing novel wellness benefits and medicinal potential and sustainably creating jobs around the country.

We Strive to Lead By Example

PBS sent Boulder Media House of Boulder, Colorado down to our Pueblo Headquarters for eight hours of drones, interviews and photo shoots (and some puppy playtime!). It was an incredible opportunity for our team to be treated professionally like any other mature industry. It was a day that truly embodied the watershed moment Hemp is having in breaking the stigma surrounding cannabis.

Our farm team pointed out how big a difference a year makes. When we look back on the progress Shi Farms has made since our 2018 crop, we are so humbled and proud of our team. It’s important to take a step back from the craziness of this fast-paced game we are in and realize how much growth really has been achieved in a short year. One big change that is noticeable in this video is the building of Mile High Monster, can you pick it out?

All in all, the hard times and learning lessons that come with building an airplane while it’s inflight pale in comparison to the satisfaction felt by finally seeing the fruits (and flowers) of our labor.

Check out some of the behind the scenes photos from Filming Day!

We’ll be keeping everyone up to date via Instagram when we have the schedule of runtimes for Information Matrix. It will be airing on PBS and Fox Business starting in November, through 2020

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